COPYRO’s activity
In order to fulfill its goals, COPYRO – Collective Management Organizations for Copyright mainly undertakes the following activities:
♦ collecting and distributing of copyright royalties resulted from the use of written works, based on the mandate assigned by rightholders to COPYRO or based on the agreements signed with their representatives within our territory or abroad or based on the current legal setting, within the statutory provisions and those of the Copyright Law no.8/1996 for copyright and neighboring rights, with subsequent modifications and alterations for the following categories:
1. TV and radio broadcasting;
2. theatrical representation;
3. reproduction (editing/publishing) and distribution (sale) on media: CD, DVD, paper, E-Book, VHS;
4. public communication  (live shows, recitals, internet/ online etc.);
5. derived works (screen plays, adaptations, dramatizations, translations).

♦ The collection and distribution of copyright royalties in the field of written works, due from users for which collective management is compulsory as stated by the law:
1. compensatory remuneration for private copying (collected from importers and manufacturers of devices and paper which facilitate the reproduction of written works);
2. remuneration for cable retransmission (collected from cable operators);
3. the equitable remuneration for public loan (collected from libraries, including the online ones).

♦ the negotiation and supervising of individual and general exclusive/non-exclusive cession contracts, as well as the authorizations – non-exclusive license agreements signed with the users ;
♦ provides the collective management of other patrimonial rights based on conventions or at the specific request of any rightholders, members or nonmembers of COPYRO , or their respective legal representatives;
♦ provides  the information and documentation for the works which form the protected repertoire, including for the authors without any legal heirs;♦ determining the collected royalties and identifying their beneficiaries based on information and documents requested from users;
♦ protects the interests of members by providing legal assistance;
♦ negotiates,  compiles and concludes agreements with written works” users (theatres, publishing houses), with the consent and on behalf of the member rightholder;
♦ representing the interests of the member/nonmember rightholders in the courts of justice for legal procedures regarding its object of activity;
♦ draws up and negotiates methodical norms for the field of written works, including copyright royalties due to the rightholders of written works for which the means of use makes individual authorization impossible, respectively for the compulsory collective management, as well as for the optional collective management as stated by the law;
♦ finalizes any other legal papers in order to fulfill the goals of the organization, complying with the legal provisions;
♦ organizes  cultural activities in the best interest of its own members in order to promote their work;
♦ observes  the abidance by the moral rights of written works authors.